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About Our Head Provider of In-Home Care for Seniors in Boston, MA

Judy Bombara has a degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA. Her passion for child care led her to own and run a daycare center for over 20 years. However, she decided to redirect her talents after being the primary caregiver for her father before he passed.

Her role as a caregiver made Judy realize the dire need for comprehensive and compassionate in-home care for seniors in Boston, MA. This led her to open Judy’s Caregiving Solutions, providing dementia care and other forms of nursing assistance to help families support their elderly loved ones.

Judy’s employees provide private in-home care that focuses on her core values: compassion, empathy, kindness, and commitment to a job well done. She is very hands-on with her patients’ families and employees, making herself accessible to everyone.

Since becoming the owner of our home care agency, she has trained and received certification from the American Red Cross. She is a certified nurse assistant and home health aide with a certificate in adult CPR and first aid.

Through her agency’s home caregiving services, Judy helps families that care for loved ones by giving them respite and peace of mind. She is dedicated to improving her patients’ physical and mental well-being the way she cared for her father.

Judy Bombora